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In news / blog

By Layla

Working with the ICMM to promote best mining practices

On 27, Apr 2018 | In news / blog | By Layla

Over the past couple of years we have been working with the International Council on Mining and Metals, a body which works with the mining industry to ensure they follow the very best practices. We’ve created a lot of content both live action and animation. This film, directed by Rok Predin focuses on how mining and metals are intrinsically linked to virtually every single aspect of modern life.

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In news / blog

By Layla

Bingo Players

On 03, Aug 2016 | In news / blog | By Layla

Rok Predin has been collaborating with Studio Ted Lovett in LA to create forty minutes….FORTY MINUTES!…of kick-ass tour projection visuals for EDM maniacs Bingo Players. Here’s a little compilation of some of the tastiest bits-

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In news / blog

By Layla


On 03, Mar 2015 | In news / blog | By Layla

Our Slovenian maestro Rok Predin has been working with the guys at Minimart to create a lovely little animated pig for their new campaign. Rich spied one of their ads on the tube at the weekend….thrill!

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In Press

By Richard

One of a Kind

On 08, Sep 2014 | In Press | By Richard

Trunk director Rok Predin completes his most ambitious film to date, “One of a Kind”.

Trunk’s director Rok Predin has just finished his eagerly anticipated film “One of a Kind”. It’s 3 minutes 40 seconds of pure richness and joy, from the near expressionist visuals to Jim Carter’s resonating performance, and from Daniel Pemberton’s dynamic music score, to Barnaby Templers sound design and beautifully measured audio mix!

The film is a contemplation about all the people who had to meet, all the tiny acts of fate and chance that had to come together, in order for you to sit here right now, reading this! Rok felt that this overwhelming question allowed ample opportunity for lots of humour, sentiment, and beauty.

Rok had the idea for the short over 2 years ago but commitments (like making other films!) delayed the start of the production to the beginning of this year. The story and script were developed with producer Richard Barnett, and as the epic task of designing over 70 characters took place, with costumes so beautifully designed and created by Sara Savelj, the team was carefully put together.

First on board was Ivor Novello winning composer and friend, Daniel Pemberton. In between finishing Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” and starting his new Hollywood feature, now well under way, Pemberton got behind the story and the film. Rok notes; “we knew the music had a massive part to play, especially to help re-iterate different moods and time periods throughout the piece and felt very fortunate to have Daniel on board”.

Now with such a rich visual aesthetic, and a beautifully composed track, the team knew they needed a big performance from a commanding voice, and who else but the incredibly talented Jim Carter. A long illustrious stage, film and television career, which includes appearing at the National Theatre, starring in feature films such as “Shakespeare in Love” and a host of TV work including “The Singing Detective” and “Downtown Abbey”, ensured he had a voice with just the right kind of timbre, elegance and warmth.

At the recording the guys were bowled over, ‘It’s always so much fun watching someone with so much talent, doing their job.’ Before Predin and Barnett started the recording session, and having worked with numerous actors in the past, they re-assured each other that they wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the first take…..But, ‘it was just a joy to watch’ says Predin, ‘he was acting out each sentence with so much commitment and understanding and we knew when he had finished we had captured lightning in a bottle’.

A team of animators came on board, and with so many characters to get stuck into, there was ample opportunity to develop miniature narratives within each of the scenes, it was play time! Rok, then had the task of pulling everything together, with heavy renders coming out of Cinema 4D numerous techniques were put together in order to streamline the process. The compositing as always was a joy to behold, and a first chance to see the culmination of 6 months hard work!

Finally the call went in to long time collaborators Jake Roberts and Barnaby Templer at Fonic post production. Barnaby put together a team of foley and voice artists to create all the vocalisations and the plethora of sounds needed for the film. The balance was key, creating enough room for all the different audio elements to shine in their own right and do the job that they were designed to do. Needless to say when Rok and Richard sat in on the final mix they were blown away.

So, having had a blast for the past year, it’s time for the next one, let’s see which idea will get picked for production next!

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Director by – Rok Predin
Narrated by – Jim Carter
Music by – Daniel Pemberton
Producer – Richard Barnett

Story: Rok Predin
Script: Richard Barnett & Rok Predin

Animators -Will Thomas
Sam Cundall
Rok Predin
Seni Soetan

Sound design – Barnaby Templer & Jake Roberts @Fonic
– mix: Barnaby Templer
– foley artist: Sue Harding
-foley recordist/editor: Christopher Swaine
-voices: JM Finch
Sue Harding
Samantha Jones
Emily Snape
Barnaby Templer

Costume Designer – Sara Savelj

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In news / blog

By Layla

Awesome Robo

On 19, Jul 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

A link to a lovely article about Rok’s film. Thanks Awesome Robo!

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In news / blog

By Layla

Rok Predin | One of a Kind

On 18, Jul 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

Here it is folks! Rok Predin’s new film “One of a Kind”. This is the culmination of many many months of hard work and it’s definitely been worth all the effort. We hope you like it, we love it….and just try getting that tune out of your head.

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In news / blog

By Layla

One of a Kind, who’s hungry?

On 29, May 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

After sitting quietly in the corner for a few months now, barely even tearing his eyes away from his monitor Rok has started rendering his latest film. It’s a sumptuous treat for the eyes. Here’s a little taster.

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In news / blog

By Layla

Render Farm

On 24, Apr 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

We’ve called in the big guns and hired ourselves a 10…TEN…extra computers for rendering, that makes 22 in the studio in total. It’s getting hot in here.

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In news / blog

By Layla

Trunk Towers are doing things

On 07, Mar 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

We’ve been maintaining radio silence for a while here at Trunk towers but don’t worry! things are happening. Layla’s been at the scissors, Rok’s populating the world with 3d characters and Jock is learning how to accurately model nipples.

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