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In news / blog

By Layla

Working with the ICMM to promote best mining practices

On 27, Apr 2018 | In news / blog | By Layla

Over the past couple of years we have been working with the International Council on Mining and Metals, a body which works with the mining industry to ensure they follow the very best practices. We’ve created a lot of content both live action and animation. This film, directed by Rok Predin focuses on how mining and metals are intrinsically linked to virtually every single aspect of modern life.

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In Press

By Pip

Trunk has created a series of beautiful teasers for the Financial Times.

On 20, Feb 2018 | In Press | By Pip

Alasdair + Jock like lunch, in fact they like all meals, it would appear food nourishes them. But it’s lunch that has taken centre stage the last few weeks due to a project for the Financial Times. At first our producer thought it was for an article about his magical budgeting skills. No. It was in fact much more wholesome a project; to make a set of teasers and illustrations for the acclaimed feature ‘Lunch with the FT’, an article that has been popularly carried for decades, and that features every major creative and business name you can think of. The relaxed, yet spirited interviews take place in a restaurant of the interviewee’s choice, and the bill is footed by the FT, who else? The order and receipt are then published for your deliberation, cogitation and digestion.

With an extensive archive of wonderfully candid lunches to exploit, the FT editorial team wanted to give them a fresh twist. Alasdair + Jock developed appetising little mysteries for each, revealing subtle clues through beautifully animated vignettes that reflect the humour, warmth and tangue of the interviews. With two new ones from Charlie Brooker, and Alma Deutscher, and two oldies from Jonathan Franzen (coming soon) and Nigel Farage, there was a nice mix of subject matter to call on. Chris Swaine and Marty O’Brien at Fonic created beautiful soundbeds for each, which really help contextualise the pieces, even using a snippet of Alma Deutscher’s piano work to help illustrate her story.

Producer Richard Barnett notes, “Large established media houses have a massive mine of data which remains essentially untapped. For example the Financial Times has articles stretching back over a 100 years. These teasers demonstrate how archives can be made relevant to the contemporary media conversation, whether interviews, opinion pieces, or historical articles, as history repeats itself, they often become more relevant with time. By creating visual introductions to published interviews a wider audience can be captured than could have been achieved by text alone.”

The interviews along with Jock’s wonderful illustrations were published in the FT Weekend edition, as well as online, and the teasers were successfully shared and re-tweeted on social media. The projects were created using a mixture of photoshop, flash and after effects.

Click below for press coverage :-

Eye on design

Lester banks

Page online


Source creatives


Directed by Alasdair + Jock

Producer: Richard Barnett

Illustration: Jock Mooney

Animation: Alasdair Brotherston, Lesley Dart

Sound and Mix by Chris Swaine and Marty O’Brien @ Fonic

Commissioned by Natalie Whittle and Kevin Wilson @ Financial Times

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In news / blog

By Layla


On 09, Oct 2017 | In news / blog | By Layla

After three weeks it’s getting a bit awkward waiting for that RASCAL John Harmer to wash his palette

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In news / blog

By Layla

Modern technology

On 04, Oct 2017 | In news / blog | By Layla

Rich made this complicated and intricate piece of technology for our Radiation shoot….it didn’t work

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In news / blog

By Layla

The Imaginary Friend Society Presents: Radiation

On 29, Sep 2017 | In news / blog | By Layla

We were beyond thrilled when the guys from RPA got in touch and asked us to make a film for their “Imaginary Friends Society” project for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
The project was aimed at children and their families facing a brain tumour diagnosis. In total twenty films were made, each one explaining a different aspect of cancer treatment and what could be expected. Our film “Radiation” explains how radiation treatment works.

We threw ourselves head first into this and completed this film in seven weeks flat. There were a lot of late nights and long weekends but we are really pleased with the end result.

When we were planning the film we decided to try out several different animation techniques….it seemed like a decent idea until we realised there were sets to be built, cars to be sculpted, balls to be wrangled and a few THOUSAND frames of artwork to be individually cut out.
There was also music to be composed, 2d animation to be drawn, props to be sourced, two voice records, a three day shoot that turned into a seven day shoot, a tonne of compositing…. let’s just say it was hard.

Once again we got to work with the excellent Julian Rhind-Tutt who provides the voice of Walter and we were thrilled to work with Jane Horrocks who, it turns out, does an excellent pig.

So many people and businesses kindly donated their time and energy into this project, we couldn’t have done it without them.

We felt honoured to be asked to participate in this project for such a great cause and alongside some of our favourite animation companies from all across the world including Psyop, Hornet, The Mill, Not To Scale, Lobo, Gentleman Scholar, Giant Ant, Strange Beast… among many others. Check out the other films here

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In news / blog

By Layla

Julian Lennon | Saltwater 25

On 14, Dec 2016 | In news / blog | By Layla

We’ve just finished the music video for the 25th anniversary reissue of Julian Lennon’s nineties hit “Saltwater”. It was a Trunk directors all-hands-on-deck affair, co-directed by Layla Atkinson and Jock Mooney with compositing by Rok Predin. We also had some talented animation monkeys on the team. It’s a psychedelic odyssey.

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In news / blog

By Layla

Shirley Collins at Rough Trade

On 08, Nov 2016 | In news / blog | By Layla

Last night we got to meet the wonderful Shirley Collins at an event on East London. She was interviewed on stage then performed a few songs. She was amazing, thanks for a magical evening Shirley.


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