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Trunk’s Alasdair + Jock create a 30 sec spot for Coca-Cola USA

On 06, Jan 2015 | In Press | By Pip

The super talented duo Alasdair Brotherson and Jock Mooney have created a festive video for Wunderman New York and Coca-Cola USA. This blue chip brand has been a fixture of Christmas holidays since they popularised the ubiquitous image of a red coated, white bearded and black belted jolly Santa Claus in 1931. The guys at Trunk were delighted to be part of such a continuing totem of pop culture.

Featuring Alasdair + Jock’s unique handwriting the short beautifully flows from scene to scene without any hard cuts. So, Coke bottle snowflakes seamlessly turn into wrapping paper that covers a bow tied present that is opened by Santa to reveal a host of hard working Elves. Throughout the short, elements fall, scatter and reveal patterns that are strongly campaign reminiscent of Christmas sweaters. This touch of humour sets the feel for the short that heralds Coke’s 2014 holidays. Jock stated, “The deceptively simple look of the short was achieved by a lot of hard work to ensure the transitions, reveals and flow looked effortless.”

This year’s campaign marries Coke’s two most famous associations – the holidays and sharing. But rather than just sharing a Coke the new spot focuses on sharing holiday wishes. For example by sharing your holiday traditions – what you are thankful for – or who makes you happy, Coke will reward participants’ with points that can be redeemed for items.

All the Trunk team really enjoyed working on the spot, and as Alasdair noted “it was great to do a nice festive character animation piece again, they’re always so much fun!”

As always the sound design and mix were carried out at Fonic in the capable hands of Marty O’Brien.
The short was greeted with delight by Coke who have commissioned a further two bumpers for this year’s campaign.

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Directed by Alasdair + Jock
Produced by Richard Barnett
Animation by Stuart Doig, Layla Atkinson
Sound Design & Mix by Marty @ Fonic
Agency – Wunderman NY

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