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By Layla

EU Storychangers

On 16, May 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

Here’s a nice little “Making of Storychangers” video. It’s still hard to believe what we got up to last week!

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In news / blog

By Layla


On 02, May 2014 | In news / blog | By Layla

We’ve got a really interesting and exciting project coming up next week for #storychangerseu. We are working with Ogilvy Brussels and the European Commission to get young people engaged with the European election possibly leading them to cast a vote. (It’s more¬†interesting than it sounds) Our friends at Wouter and Thijs at Volstok have made a film with a cliff-hanger ending for the website, you can go to the site and suggest your own ending for the film, then it’ll be up to us to animate it. The challenge is for us to produce forty different endings to the film over four days for the 6th to the 9th of May. The Volstok boys in Ghent and Joost Lieuwma in Utrecht will also be making twenty endings each. The studio will be fitted out with web-cams for the week so you will also be able to log on and see your endings being animated “live”. Thankfully the live feed will not have sound so you will not be able to hear our agonised howls and Richard swearing like a docker. We will each have to produce just over three endings each per day, that works out as three hours per film from design to storyboard/animatic to animation to compositing, this is a very, very, very tight schedule. We made two endings each this past week trying to stick to the three hour per film schedule and it’s shown us just how tough this will be and it’s got our directors Layla, Rok and Alasdair+Jock quaking in their boots. It should be a very creative and tiring few days…… However…. we love a challenge! Bring it on Europe!

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On 28, Aug 2008 | No Comments | In Commercials, Layla Atkinson | By Layla

Director: Layla Atkinson
Animation: Aaron Lampert
Voiceover: Ricky Gervais
Producer: Richard Barnett
Client: Ogilvy

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