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The Car Buying Service

On 28, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In news / blog | By Layla

Leeds based agency Propaganda approached us to create a TV commercial to mark the launch of their product.
We brought in the brilliant Pete Mellor to direct this 30 second spot. Filled with humour and energy this new spot is a master class in timing and pace. Spencer Wilson’s beautiful crisp illustrations worked with The Car Buying Service’s compact colour palette to help create a very clear and appealing film. Pete noted “It was great to work with Propaganda, helping them develop the initial story board and whilst it would have been very easy to over-complicate the animation by keeping it simple with a straight forward car journey it kept the message clear” The script was voiced by the brilliant Ade Edmondson, sounding nothing like Vivian from The Young Ones, a blessing for any company based on trust and fairness.
Composer Ivan Arnold created the perfect score while the sound design and mix was by J.M Finch at Fonic. Pedro Lino at Trunk Animation oversaw the whole production.

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