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SAZAS | Birds

On 11, Jun 2011 | 2 Comments | In Commercials, directors, Rok Predin, work | By Layla

Director: Rok Predin
Animators: Layla Atkinson, Grigoris Leontiades, and Helene Friren
Compositor: Rok Predin
Illustration: Sara Savelj
Sound Design: Fonic
Composer: Daniel Pemberton
Producer: Richard Barnett
Client: SAZAS

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By Layla

SAZAS | Birds

On 13, Sep 2010 | No Comments | In news / blog | By Layla

Here’s a new piece we’ve just finished in the Studio with Trunk Director Rok Predin. The piece is for SAZAS the Slovenian Musicians Union, SUGU, and DSS (Slovenian Union of Classic Composers) and is for a new campaign raising awareness of a new law that will drastically affect Slovenian musician’s rights. The piece runs with the tag line; ‘Without a Slovenian Song, there is no Slovenian Identity’ and reinforces the idea that countries are defined by their music. As we were working for musicians, we couldn’t let them down, and Ivor Novello winner Daniel Pemberton performed and recorded famous national anthems from all over europe, including Scotland, France, Austria and Croatia. We then worked with the guys at Fonic on the sound design and bringing all the musical elements in the final mix together. Everything was animated and composited in house before we did the final output over with our good friends at Hub.

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