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By Richard

Suie Paparude

On 01, Nov 2011 | No Comments | In Home, news / blog | By Richard

Here’s the latest video from our directors weareom. It’s for the Romanan band Suie Paparude for their track “Moartea Boxelor”. Moving through a landscape full of shadows and harsh contrasts filmed at oblique angles the film combines these classic film noir effects with new film making techniques. Here’s weareom’s Anton’s explanation of the new techniques they used in this atmospheric promo “(we used)….ink running experiments and other dark liquid shots that were composited into each respective shot. We also used some old speakers to create a kind of 3d graphic equaliser with the ‘coffee’ that appears in her cup in the second part of the video. Ironically, the title of this track can be translated to “Death to the Speakers” – which is funny because 5 speakers were actually burnt out and destroyed during these experiments.”

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