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In clip

By Layla

Michael J Fox Foundation

On 26, Oct 2020 | In clip, Home | By Layla

Back in Summer 2019 the Michael J Fox Foundation in New York contacted us. They wanted to make a film to describe how Parkinson’s Disease can impact a family, how symptoms may manifest and to communicate the need for volunteers to take part in testing. Working closely with our great American rep Cath Berclaz, it was great to be involved from the preliminary stages, we did a lot of reading around the subject and had long calls with the researchers at the Foundation who talked us through the stages of the disease. From this crash-course we wrote a script.

Layla did some initial character designs which the Foundation loved. The aim was to use simple avatars rather than recognisable human characters.  This meant the story could be effectively told in it’s simplest form without showing gender, class or race.

Using Layla’s characters we collaborated with the excellent Spencer Wilson of Peepshow Collective who used his Illustrator magic to create backgrounds for the piece. Here you can see how Layla’s animatic sketches were worked up into finished designs.

We pulled a small team together and got down to the animation once the script, animatic and designs were signed off. Most characters were rigged and animated in Adobe After Effects using shape layers. Our lead animator Alex Potts created hero animation in Adobe Animate. This was an effective way to animate multiple characters.

This film is aimed at a wide audience so our challenge was to translate some of the complicated scientific in as concise a manner as possible. This lead to some fun experiments in data visualisation.

Although a longer process than usual, we are super pleased with how this film came out. The cherry on the cake was getting to work with the great Alan Alda who provided the narration. His warmth and empathy for the subject are an important part of the storytelling.  We can also recommend Alan Alda’s Clear and Vivid podcast where some fascinating scientific topics are explored.


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In clip
Pete Mellor

By Layla

REI #OptOutside

On 09, Nov 2017 | In clip, directors, Pete Mellor | By Layla

Illustration: Jenny Bowers
Director: Pete Mellor
Animation: Layla Atkinson, Rok Predin
Music: Sebastijan Duh
Sound Design/Mix: Chris Swaine at Fonic
Animation Producer: Richard Barnett
Agency Creative: Warren Beeby
Agency: Futerra

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In clip
Layla Atkinson

By Layla

Jenius | One Touch

On 24, Oct 2016 | In clip, directors, Layla Atkinson | By Layla

Animators: Nick Brooks, Alex Potts, James Turzynski, Harry Slinger-Thompson, Philip Askins, Simona Ciraolo
Illustrator: Spencer Wilson
Music: Adem Ihlan
Mix: Fonic
Directors: Pete Mellor, Layla Atkinson
Line Producer: Pedro Lino
Exec Producer: Richard Barnett

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In clip

By Layla

Benjamin Scheuer | Weather The Storm

On 01, Jun 2016 | In clip | By Layla

Director: Peter Baynton
Producer: Daniel Negret
Executive Producer: Richard Barnett & Benjamin Scheuer
Production Company: Radish Pictures & Trunk animation
2D Lead Character Animators: Peter Baynton, Alex Potts, Ismael Sanz Pea, Teddy Hall, Reg Isaac
Inbetweens, artworking and background characters: Rachel Calinan, Claudia Chircop, Théo Gremillet, Emily Knight, Clélia Leroux.
Backgrounds and design: Pter Baynton
Compositing: Philip Davies, Rok Predin
Audio Post Production: Fonic
Sound Editor: Marty O”Brien
Sound Design and Mix: Barnaby Templer
Words and music by Benjamin Scheuer
Guitar and vocals by Benjamin Scheuer
Bass by Chris Morrissey
Drums by Josh Dion
Additional vocals by Jean Rohe
Audio engineering by Pat Dillett and Chris Allen
Audio mixing by Kevin Killen
Audio mastering by Greg Caibi
Song produced by Geoff Kraly
From the album “Songs from The Lion by Benjamin Scheuer

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In clip
Director Page
Music Promos
Rok Predin

By Layla

Rolling Stones | Wild Horses

On 01, Apr 2015 | In clip, Director Page, Music Promos, Rok Predin | By Layla

Director- Rok Predin
Producer- Richard Barnett
Animation/ Compositing- Rok Predin, Alasdair Brotherston, Lesley Dart
Production Assistants- Daniel Negret, Nic Sanchez
Artwork- Layla Atkinson
Music- The Rolling Stones
Music Producer- Jimmy Miller
Commissioner- Emily Tedrake
Record Company- Polydor

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In clip

By Layla

Soap Factory

On 10, Jan 2014 | In clip, directors, Junior | By Layla

Commissioner: Marisa Vinha – Ciencia Viva
Design/Animation/Direction: Lore&Jun
Music: Philippe Lenzini
Producer: Pedro Lino
Production Co: Trunk

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Land Rover | 1 Million Fans

On 21, May 2013 | No Comments | In Alasdair + Jock, clip, Commercials, Director Page, directors, Films | By Richard

Directors: Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney
Producer: Richard Barnett
3D Animators: Mark Lindner and Luca Paulli
Pixilation: Steven Edge
Design: Jock Mooney
Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston
Sound Design: Barnaby Templer@Fonic
Composer: Ivan Arnold
Pixilation shot at Clapham Road Studio
DOP: Matt Day
Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
Time lapse Photography: Andy Hague
US Photography: Gary Griffiths
US Gaffer: Marc Mayer
US Grip: Jonathan Robinson
Texture Artist: Francesco Puerto Esteban
Production Company: Trunk Animation
Client: Land Rover USA
Agency: Wunderman NY
ACD Copywriter: Carrie Ingoglia
Senior Art Director: Saunak Shah
Senior Art Director: John McGill
Content Producer: Katie Camosy
Social Media Associate Account Director: Liz Dennebaum
Social Media Account Supervisor: Isabella Josefsberg
Social Media Strategist: Veronica Carvallo

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In clip

By Layla

Show Me Show Me | Teddington

On 14, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In clip | By Layla

Animation: John Harmer
Animation Assistant: Adrian Leak
compositing: Steven Azancot
Music: Paul Moessl
Director: Layla Atkinson
Producer: Richard Barnett
Executive Producer: Adam Redfern
Filmed at NextDoorStudios

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On 04, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In 3D, clip, Commercials, Director Page, directors, Pete Mellor, work | By Layla

Director- Pete Mellor
Art Director- Miles Donovan
Design- Spencer Wilson
Animation- Nicol Scott, Rok Predin, Leslie Dart, Winston Duke
Music- Ivan Arnold
Sound- Fonic
Producer- Richard Barnett
Agency- Trunk

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