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In news / blog

By Layla

The Sound of Song Promos for BBC4

On 31, Jan 2015 | In news / blog | By Layla

Just before Christmas Layla made these two promos for the forthcoming BBC4 series The Sound Of Song. Commissioned by our old friends Red Bee Media we had to turn these around to a very tight schedule. The series explore the unknown stories behind popular songs and the common threads that run through contemporary music. The brief was to create animation with fluid movement to echo the flow of music. We are really please with how these two little films turned out.

The Sound Of Song | Louis Armstrong

The Sound Of Song | Chic

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In Broadcast
Layla Atkinson

By Layla

BBC4 | Sound of Song

On 30, Nov 2014 | In Broadcast, directors, Layla Atkinson | By Layla

Director- Layla Atkinson
Animation- Leslie Dart
Voiceover- Neil Brand
Line Producer- Pedro Lino
Producer- Richard Barnett
Commissioner- Matthew Shapland
Agency: Red Bee Media

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