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By Richard

Trunk Create Interactive Campaign

On 26, Nov 2010 | No Comments | In clip, news / blog | By Richard

In order to celebrate all the lovely new guys and girls that have entered the new Trunk fray, and to finalise the 2010 spring clean which has been taking place here in the studio, we decided to have a bash at something new. So we got everyone in the studio together and created a brief based on the old game of ‘Consequences’, which is where you draw a picture, fold over the paper and pass it on to the next person. We gave each director an outline template, and asked them to use the space in any which way they wanted to, then with baited breath we patiently waited…………………….. Slowly the results began to trickle in, we were totally beside ourselves and couldn’t wait to see what everyone had come up with, and how, if at all it would work together! Finally the render kicked out, and we ramped it up, the new Trunk logo was emblazoned across the screen in a mad intense cyber patchwork that totally blew us away.
[media id=294 width=512 height=288]
Even though everyone had covered their work so no one could see (just like playschool), it became apparent that together, everyone shared really similar aesthetic values, but each felt defined in a totally different manner, and realized in a totally different style. For once the gamble had paid off. The next stage of the process was to enter the world of scripting, and for this we called on the genius of Niki Sehmi, who took the files that we’d been creating  in the studio and made sense of the movement in flash. I’ll be honest, this is an amazing process and a really great learning curve for all of us, but it certainly doesn’t come easy. We spent hours trying to work the file sizes down and keep the image quality as high as possible which turned into a constant battle, and without bringing the guys at Flashtalking in, we probably wouldn’t have been able to serve the expandable banner at all. We knew that as an exercise this had been a great success, so now the question was how to get this out to as many people as possible. So we contacted Sammi Vaughan at Creative Review and worked through the process of planning a little campaign. We took each of the eight sections, one for each director, and watched them separately and as stand alone pieces. They seemed to be really catchy even out of context, and Alasdair suggested that they would look really great as Skyscrapers, from that point the plan made itself. So we served each of the directors sections as totally unbranded Skyscrapers for a month across various pages on Creative Review’s Blog, a kind of taster for those inquisitive sorts. Then, binging up the rear so’s to speak was the expandable, interactive banner that you see above, and which is now being served once again on Creative Review’s Blog. It went live yesterday, and we’ve already had a really great response. It’s certainly been a long road and a massive learning curve which has for a short while quenched our thirst for creative conundrums, but now it’s finished, it’s onto the next one, a life long dream of teaching the dog to Composite.  Thanks to all the guys for all their hard work, and thanks to Imran for helping to get this started. Have a play on-line here.

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