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Queens Jubilee Concert Visuals

On 04, Jun 2012 | 49 Comments | In Home, news / blog | By Layla

So, tonight you’ll be able to see the fruits of our labour at the Queen’s Jubilee Concert. We’ve been working like demons on animated visuals which will be projected onto Buckingham Palace during the performances. We’ve had a sneak peek at rehearsals and it looks spectacular. Our visuals are for two songs by Madness so keep your eyes peeled. They were commissioned by Sam Pattinson at Treatment Studios who organised all the visuals on the palace and who pulled everything together. Madness will be on at roughly 9.45. You can see more about the concert here


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  1. Jan Ford

    Awesome. I will now follow this site constantly.

  2. coatgal

    Best bit of the whole concert. Just in case half of Britain haven’t already let you know.

  3. Maureen Lowrie

    Just wonderful to see Buckingham Palace lit for the Madness song. You must all be so clever, cannot begin to imagine how it was done. One of the best bits of the concert by far.


  4. leonie

    Hi. Well done on your fab animations. Would love to know what projectors you used? Can you tell me?

  5. absolutely stunning visuals at Jubilee Concert, especially during ‘Our House’. Congratulations. Great to see a British business booming.

  6. Tom McEnroe

    Absolutely brilliant – highlight of the night.

    And well done for turning a palace into a block of flats!

  7. Breffni Walsh

    Wow, the graphics were amazing – it was the jaw dropping moment of the evening.
    Hope you guys are involved in the Olympics – we need to show the world that British creativity is the best in the world.

  8. John Church

    It was fantastic, well done. V. clever. Hope I get to see it again…. well you tube are bound to have it.

  9. Noeleen Elvin

    lighting was fabulous – well done :o)

  10. Helen

    Genius work tonight on Buckingham Palace congratulations!

    • Layla

      thank you so much everyone, knowing that you guys enjoyed it really means a lot to us and makes it all worthwhile.

  11. Graham

    Totally agree with previous comment about you guys doing something for the Olympics. The visuals and lighting last night were absolutely awesome. Congrats to you all.

  12. Fred Clayton

    WOW!!! Your animations were absolutely brilliant. Do you have them on a website, so that we can all view them again? And you are doing the Olympics, right? Fantastic, and thank you.

  13. HelenP

    Brilliant graphics – definitely the high point of the evening in our house. Congratulations!

  14. Just wanted to say congratulations for last night. It was fantastic. Especially the people who worked on the Madness/Our House section – you deserve medals! Highlight of the evening

  15. Ian Colebourn

    Fantastic guys. What a brilliant piece of entertainment – definitely one of the highlights.Cheers!

  16. Julia Emerson

    What can I say; absolute genius! It looked incredible. Well done to you all.

  17. Mike Bray

    Totally brilliant graphics and projection show and like others have said the absolute highlight of the whole show.

    Hugs and firm handshakes to you all 🙂

  18. Julian Hepworth

    ‘Our House’ animations with Madness on the roof were not only the highlight of the evening, but one of the coolest things I think I’ll ever see. Well played – absolutley amazing.

  19. Jill Crouch

    I’d just like to congratulate your company on producing jaw-droppingly fantastic visuals which stole the show last night, amazing WELL DONE!!!! Hope you get all the plaudits due to you

  20. Jo A

    Absolutely amazing. I was looking forward to Madness anyway – but your animation means I’m going to watch it again & again. Well done 🙂

  21. Martin McCarrick

    My jaw dropped when I saw what you did to the palace, brilliant idea, brilliant execution, brilliant effect… Well done guys x

  22. SarahA

    Fantastic show during the Madness set at Jubilee concert,breath- taking,massive congratulations to all involved.

  23. William

    The transformation of Buck House during the Madness set was creative, beautiful and staggering. I have never seen anything like it. I was stunned by both the idea of it and the sheer precision of the projections.

  24. I thought madness stole the show – except your graphics stole it from them!
    Lets hope MBE’s are going your way….

  25. Margaret

    Original, clever and brilliantly executed, far and away the highlight of the evening. Congratulations.

  26. Ladies and Gentlemen, we just watched the replay in Florida of last nights performances and I had to find the people responsible for such spectacular lighting effects. Job well done! Congratulations to you all.

  27. Mo Major

    Amazing, well done trunk animations, you must be so proud.

  28. Bev Oliver

    Fantastic job, the best of British on show. Let’s see more of this. Well done to all involved

  29. F Olumbo

    loved your animation of the Queen’s Jubilee
    Excellent and Very cool stuff.
    Good luck

  30. Penny

    I agree with David Clark. The graphics were amazing. Just watched Richard on the BBC. What a lovely modest guy. How refreshing.

  31. Adrian B

    What a fabulous light show you guys did! Amazing – and a highlight of the whole Jubilee for me.

    Is there a link anywhere to footage which just shows the front of the Palace during “Our House”? The BBC coverage switched from Palace to band to crowd, so I’m sure I have missed some of the nice touches & I’d like to see it again in full.

    • Layla

      yeah Adrian, we’ll put the films up on our site very soon.

  32. Phil

    Madness animations were brilliant. Could you make something available so we could enjoy the detail that passed so quickly.

    Absolutely fabulous.

  33. I’m a video DJ and loved the effect of the Madness track on the front of the Palace, it made the concert look amazing, what a fantastic job, well done guys, so proud to see this work being beamed around the world. just brilliant. Billy

  34. Steve

    Awesome graphics and the talk of the University of Strathclyde today 🙂

  35. Marianne

    Truly awesome – better than the music in some cases!! I particular like Madness, Our house, and I loved the flowers during Alfie Boe & Renee Fleming, Buck Palace is otherwise very ugly!!

  36. Dave

    Easily the highpoint of the concert/LONG weekend!!
    Stunning/quirky/witty…….hit the spot!
    Congrats to all……you should have all appeared on The Palace balcony to be congratulated.

  37. Well done guys… we too at XL Video are proud to have provided the projection hardware to make it all work and have loved the feedback you have had too!

    Excellent stuff… bring on the next one!

    • Layla

      Thanks Ian! it was a true team effort

  38. JudyMartin

    Amazing ! Posted on your site elsewhere yesterday! Techno newbie :P. Your site is hotwired onto the iPad now. Best bit of the entire show. Look forwards to seeing more. I agree with Phil. Wll the animation /be put up on your site Madness got in the way! Sorry Madness you were good too .

  39. cherry

    Cornwall is so proud of you all.Many congratulations.


    Your light show against The Palace knocked my American socks off!!! Unreal, (Standing Ovation in my living room)

  41. John

    Why it is so secret. I tried to see on vimeo but I need a password.

    • Layla

      we need to get the go-ahead from the BBC first

  42. Gareth

    Whole thing was stunning. Thanks

  43. Ron de Bruijn

    wow what an amazing job you’ve done with the projection on the Royal Palace. It was unbelievable, I was there and since then I have watched it many times on telly but can’t figure out just how you have done this… It was really perfection but how did you project that large image? I haven’t seen any beams or light..?? can you please tell us a bit on this magic??

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