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Oi Va Voi

On 06, Apr 2010 | 2 Comments | In clip, directors, Music Promos, work | By Richard

Director: Lisbeth Svarling/Siri Melchior
Band:Oi Va Voi

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  1. Caroline Davis

    Hi I am doing small bits of animation with children and want to know how to do yon shaky style of animation in the Oi Va Voi video? I’ve always wondered about that – there’s something very appealing about it.
    Love all your work

    • Layla

      hi caroline, the “shaky style” of animation is called “boiling” and it is achieved by redrawing every frame i.e. not separating the frame into layers and only animating the parts you intend to move leaving the other bits static. if you redraw an image, no matter how much you try to trace the original line there are always small differences in the tracing, when the drawings are filmed the line appears to shimmer. the boiling effect is more common in animation done on paper.

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