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We’re on the News with Paxo

On 27, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In news / blog | By Richard

Yes, unbelievable but true, we finally found the key to Jeremy Paxman's door. After long battles with the producers of University Challenge all to no avail, we finally managed to breakthrough Newsnight's barricades, and emblazoned our work behind Jeremy 'Paxo' Paxman's head.

What actually happened was that we got a call from one of Newsnight's producers to do a little title for a piece they were doing with Sir Antony Jay, co-writer of that genius satirical comedy Yes Minister, and Yes Prime Minister. They wanted the titles to be inspired by the programmes originals by Gerald Scarfe, so Pedro Lino put his magic touch to work and using pen and ink worked up some illustrations of the 3 main party leaders, which Layla then composited together, before Jeremy presented it to the world. Thanks Jeremy, great job. It's not a masterpiece, but we had it out the door before you could say 6th of May, and we were on the news, ticked that one off the list.

Catch the titles and Sir Antony Jay's segment here:

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