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Rapper’s delight

On 19, Mar 2012 | One Comment | In news / blog | By Layla

Our director Rok Predin is a brilliant musician, he can play gypsy-swing guitar like a dream. However today you’ll be able to hear him showing off a previously undiscovered talent for gangsta-rap in this evening’s episode of Dirk Gently on BBC4 at 9.00 p.m. Our neighbour Daniel Pemberton does the music for this show and he needed some Serbian hip-hop to be playing in the background of a scene involving some shady Serbs, so he came around and got Rok to scream some Serbian obscenities over a kickin’ beat. Rok says that he is saying VERY rude things.gangsta-rok

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  1. My Cubans

    Typical Chazz!
    Typical Chazz!
    DOUBLE Typical Chazz!

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