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Coldplay ‘Ghost Stories’ stream

On 12, May 2014 | In Features, news / blog, Press | By Richard

12th May 9pm GMT

Coldplay ‘Ghost Stories’ itunes album stream! NOW! (Just click the Featured Video.)

If you’re reading this, then stop and get yourself to itunes NOW! Where they are streaming the whole of Coldplay’s new album with visuals by Alasdair + Jock! Over the past couple of months, we’ve been painstakingly bringing Mila Fürstová’s beautiful album artwork to life, and creating a sequence for the entire length of the new Ghost Stories album.

The piece has been made using a multitude of techniques, incorporating 3D, 2D cuts outs, classical hand drawn and time-lapse photography, all brought together with hours and hours of artworking and compositing.

Mila’s etching had to be meticulously traced by hand, basically pixel by pixel, in order that we could work at the scale necessary, 7K, which is nearly 4 times HD! The project pushed our computers to the limit, as well as all our animators, artworkers, directors and compositors. When the label first called about the project, we carried out some in-house tests so we would know exactly what we were letting ourselves in for, but when you want to make something really special, you always know you’re going to pull some late ones! Alasdair + Jock, fresh from creating Lily Allen’s lyric video for Air Balloon, worked tirelessly, as Jock headed up the team re-creating Mila’s artwork, and Alasdair took charge of pulling all 53,000 frames together. The piece contains around 50 separate loops from flying fish to a spinning gyroscope, and journeys through the album cover allowing audiences to get intimate with the artwork whilst listening to the album in its entirety for the first time.
Commissioned by Sam Seager at Parlophone, the project has to be up there in our top 5 favourites along with our projections for Madness at the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Rok’s lyric vid for The Rolling Stones, our visuals for Keith Urban at the Country Music Awards, and of course Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano visuals!
Trunk’s MD Richard Barnett headed up the project, whilst producer Pedro Lino line produced the animation.

We’ll tell you all more about it after the event, but for now, go and enjoy the album, and we hope you love the loops!

You can see more information about the album release here


Alasdair + Jock


2d animation-
Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Zoe Matzko
Jeroen Jaspaert
Aaron Lampert
Valentina Delmiglio

3d animation-
Layla Atkinson

John Harmer
Valentina Delmiglio
Jock Mooney

Time lapse-
Mo Hague

Chris Sayer
Alasdair Brotherston

Album artwork-
Mila Fürstová

Line Producer-
Pedro Lino

Richard Barnett

Sam Seager/Parlophone

Data Upload-

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