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Trunk creates eight delightful films for financial app Jenius.

On 19, Sep 2016 | In Press | By Pip

Trunk has created eight wonderful short films that explain the multiple functions of a new app called Jenius, from the PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN), based in Indonesia. Mobile financial management is an indispensable part of life when your country has a quarter of a billion people spread over fourteen thousand islands and the nearest bank or ATM can be a boat ride away. With the Jenius app a user can use the $Cashtag to turn a customers name into an account number then using Send It they can easily transfer money, using Pay Me they request payments, using Split Bill they can send and receive payments amongst friends and Dream Saver allows users to set saving targets.

Working with Leo Burnett’s Jakarta office Encore Pictures contacted Trunk with an outline brief and initial script. The client wanted the films to have a simple clean graphic style but needed Trunk’s expertise and experience to turn their ideas into cracking shorts. Directors Pete Mellor and Layla Atkinson worked on the scripts defining the essence of each, embellishing, polishing and injecting them with humour and ensuring they could be animated.

Pete notes “the initial scripts whilst containing a clear idea that needed to come across lacked a certain pace and seemed quite dry. We infused them with more humour and characterisation, for example in one script to highlight the ability to make a payment with one click the clients had the hero fall out of a tree and end up in hospital, with only one finger working. We embellished this by making the fall far more dramatic and humorous with nods to the Simpsons and after the hero has made the payment his troubles continue with a collapsing bed. We also wrote unique comical call-backs that appear under the tag line text at the end of each film. Having a deep knowledge of animation was also crucial ensuring that the scripts could be animated within the clients time-frame”

To create the clients clean graphic look executive producer Richard Barnett bought in Peepshow Collective’s Spencer Wilson. His illustrations had been used to great effect on a set of films Trunk had created for Kaspersky. Once the client had seen examples of Spencer’s work and the new scripts they were delighted. Although, there were some aspects that had to be altered: one of Pete and Layla’s scripts contained a scene set in a nightclub which involved lots of alcohol a big no no in a predominantly Muslin country. With the scripts signed off a team at Trunk was pulled together and spent the next four weeks working like devils to deliver the eight films within the tight deadline.

The resulting films have a wonderful feel and pace. The client’s colour palette was augmented by Spencer ensuring the films worked beautifully together while matching the Jenius brand. All the films have a voice-over yet they also had to work without one, as Indonesia has more than seven hundred regional languages. Pete and Layla’s direction ensured all the animators work knitted together seamlessly ensuring a singular hand dominated.

Richard notes: “This was a great project to produce especially as we once again worked with Spencer and Pete from Peepshow Collective who we had worked with on the Kaspersky and the Car Buying Service projects. It was also great to work for an Indonesian client, as back in 2011 we were honoured by a visit to the studio from his Excellency Yuri O Thamrin the Indonesian ambassador. The meeting left us with a soft spot for Indonesia, so you can imagine our delight when out of the blue Leo Barnett and Encore pictures in Jakarta commissioned us for this job”.

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Animators: Nick Brooks, Alex Potts, James Turzynski, Harry Slinger-Thompson, Philip Askins, Simona Ciraolo
Illustrator: Spencer Wilson
Music: Adem Ihlan
Mix: Fonic
Directors: Pete Mellor, Layla Atkinson
Line Producer: Pedro Lino
Exec Producer: Richard Barnett