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By Layla

The Graham Chapman Project- Update

On 05, Aug 2011 | No Comments | In Home, news / blog | By Layla

Here’s a link to a little piece about Trunk  by the Graham Chapman Project guys. We’re probably just over halfway through animating our 7 minute section. It’s a LOT of hand drawn animation, so far we’ve gobbled up four animators and 6- yes SIX interns. Yum yum.

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By Richard

Project Chapman

On 12, May 2011 | No Comments | In Home, news / blog | By Richard

We are super excited to reveal our newest project. Trunk Animation has been chosen along with 12 other animation companies to work on “A Liar’s Autobiography” an animated feature film based on the autobiograhy of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman. The film is based on a recently recovered audio cassette of Graham Chapman reading from his autobiography, a script was written based around this tape and the other original members of Monty Python were drafted in to play themselves.  The whole film will be made in glorious stereoscopic 3d, this will be a steep learning curve for all involved but we are relishing the prospect of getting our heads around this new technology. You can follow the film blog here.Our section is being directed collaboratively by Jock, Alasdair, Rok and Layla.  Jock has been hard at work on designing up the characters and we are working on our animatic. Here are some of Jock’s designs


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