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The Making of Honey Monster Puffs

Pete Mellor and Peepshow Collective were commissioned to make this film which explains the TRUE story of how Honey Monster Puffs are produced.

The rebrand was carried out by Studio Robot Food, which has chosen to drop the red typography and run with a new colour scheme of “honey” yellow, blue and white.

The animation had to follow the Honey Monster rebranding by Studio Robot Food who wanted the character to appear  “more natural” and “friendlier”, using a “flat, clean graphic for contemporary effect”. The animation also combines hand-drawn and 3D elements to give the Honey Monster’s world a greater sense of depth and complexity.


Direction- Pete Mellor

Design/Art Direction- Miles Donovan, Spencer Wilson, Luke Best, Lucy Vigrass

Animation- Mark Abbott, Simona Ciraolo ,  Pete Mellor

Sound Design- Simon Keep at Holkham Sound.