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Red Bull | We Are All Stories

This lovely little film came about through our old friend Justin Weyers from made Visual Studios. We were asked to come up with ideas and  create animation for comedian Zach Anner’s tall tale of a summer road trip. Part of Red Bull’s ‘We Are All Stories’; a ten-part series marrying live action with animation. During a summer road trip, Zach Anner and his group of friends make the impossible trek to a cascading waterfall in West Virginia. After a rock rips through Zach’s stretcher, can the group persevere and overcome the forces of nature?

We loved the live action rough-cut of Zach’s story and were instantly awash with ideas!

Layla worked with fine artist Dominic Beattie to come up with a visual style and colour pallette which would give an extra dimension to Zach’s story.



Storyteller: Zach Anner
Live Action Director: Craig Young
Animation Director: Layla Atkinson
Animation: Jon Clarke
Animation Designer: Dominic Beattie
Compositor: Rok Predin
Editor: Craig Young
Assistant Editor: Zoe Desgraupes
Series Director: Craig Young
Series Producer: Grant Cummings
Line Producer: Sarah Forbes Campbell
Line Producer: Daniel Negret
Animation Producer: Justin Weyers
Animation Exec Producer: Richard Barnett
D.O.P: Adam Feeny
Camera Assistant: Philip Sheldon
Sound Recordist: Martin Pederson
Floor Runner: Andi Jackson
Production Manager: Hussain Ahmed
Production Assistant: Jonah Sugden
Sound Designer: Raoul Brand
Animation Production: Made Visual Studio/Trunk
Line Producer For Red Bull Media House: Daniel Strobl
Executive Producers For Red Bull Media House: Steve Kidgell, Caroline Hunt