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Pok is a studio project Directed by Rok Predin, and created to honour the halcyon days of Sunday morning cartoons. Everything in this piece from character and layout design, to the music and sound effects was aimed to evoke that distinct 80’s feeling of watching your favourite animated shows whilst eating your breakfast on a Saturday morning!

Listen out for the sound design as Barnaby Templer at Fonic really went to town on it, bedding the piece in the era perfectly, as did composer Sebastian Duh’s score. As always it was a pleasure to work with both of them.

Some amazing reference points if you want to dig deeper into Rok’s animated childhood include Bojan the Bear, Lolek and Bolek, Mole, Sport Billy and Professor Balthazar.

Professor Balthazar.


Bojan The Bear

Sport Billy


Cartoon post

Flooby Nooby

Lester banks



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Directed by Rok Predin
Music by Sebastian Duh
Sound design by Barnaby Templer @Fonic
Produced by Richard Barnett