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New Look

New Look is a global fashion retailer based in the UK with over 1,000 shops, and a worldwide online business. They asked us to create a film that defined the company’s ‘Product Handwriting’, and get their buyers and designers singing from the same page

The first part of the project was to understand New Look’s story, their history, their success and failures, and their company ideals. Once we’d established  what the film needed to achieve, we began to look at which brands New Look aspired to, brands such as John Lewis and Clinique, those offering great service and quality products to their customers on time, every time.
We started with a script based on the company mantra which we then developed alongside our visual language which we based on the  brand’s heritage in tailoring and dressmaking. We used an array of illustrated pins, cutting patterns and thread to create each shot. We defined each line in the script as a visual analogy so the movement, layout and design of each shot would re-iterate the meaning of the text. This allowed our communication to start working on a number of levels, both as a ‘picture’, and as written information.

The animation of the main thread had to be confident, classy and fun, reflecting New Look’s approach to business, so we animated it with a really concise, confident flow, as well as giving it a beautiful reassuring rhythm. We also added a  little taper to the front of the line, and little sparks and details to show it’s ‘magic’. We then used sound design to help re-iterate for a 3rd time, what is being seen on screen, especially detailing the flow (the sound of hand stroking fabric) and the sparkle (the sound of tiny pins dropping). Finally, we worked with a composer to develop a track that was both modern, relaxed, but most importantly warm. We used a mixture of synths to add a positive uplifting feel, and percussive handclaps to add that human touch; often big corporate films lose that individuality and fun.

New Look were thrilled, and now use the film throughout training sessions and refreshers around the world. It’s shown to every new recruit from the shop floor right up to management, and used as an opener to conferences, talks and new supplier meetings. It’s an all-rounder.



Directors: Alasdair + Jock
Producer: Richard Barnett
Animators: Layla Atkinson, Andy Hague, Alasdair Brotherston
Illustration: Jock Mooney
Music: Ivan Arnold
Sound + Mix: Marty @ Fonic
Concept: Trunk