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Land Rover | One Million Fans

Alasdair+Jock worked with Land Rover  to reach out with a “thank you” film to all its US followers on reaching the milestone of one million “likes” on Facebook. In order to further engage with its audience Land Rover sent out a call for action requesting user-generated photos, stories, and memories. These submissions were to be incorporated into the imagery and script of the film. The key to the solution for this project had to start with the fans themselves, and mining them for stories that could actually work in the film.

This meant Trunk had to work closely with the marketing department to formulate very specific calls to action, so they didn’t get flooded with unusable material!
The second major obstacle was what overall style could accommodate such a diverse range of material, from small pixelated camera phone images, to wide digital landscapes and fuzzy selfies.

As Land Rover sells an outdoorsy and down to earth lifestyle, we wanted to reflect this in the techniques we used to make the film. To start with all the digital photos were made to look like they were real printed photos, so they had a tangible quality, a weight, a substance. We shot ‘the maker’s’ hands in the studio to suggest that this film was literally being put together in front of your eyes.

The sound design and the music worked in tandem, utilising live foley recordings of different moving car parts, and a driving percussive bass track, all designed to build on that overall handmade feel.
Due to the worldwide nature of the brand, the client needed the films to be easily versionable for different territories, once finished in the US. Rather than going down a vocal narration route which can be costly and time consuming to change, we used stand alone text cards that can be easily translated and swapped out. In order that these didn’t become visually obstructive, we sewed them into the very fabric of the films technique, and opened the film with the ‘maker’ studying the image.


Directors: Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney
Producer: Richard Barnett
3D Animators: Mark Lindner and Luca Paulli
Pixilation: Steven Edge
Design: Jock Mooney
Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston
Sound Design: Barnaby Templer@Fonic
Composer: Ivan Arnold
Pixilation shot at Clapham Road Studio
DOP: Matt Day
Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
Time lapse Photography: Andy Hague
US Photography: Gary Griffiths
US Gaffer: Marc Mayer
US Grip: Jonathan Robinson
Texture Artist: Francesco Puerto Esteban
Production Company: Trunk Animation
Client: Land Rover USA
ACD Copywriter: Carrie Ingoglia
Senior Art Director: Saunak Shah
Senior Art Director: John McGill
Content Producer: Katie Camosy
Social Media Associate Account Director: Liz Dennebaum
Social Media Account Supervisor: Isabella Josefsberg
Social Media Strategist: Veronica Carvallo



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