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Jaguar wanted to create a “halo film” to explain the philosophy behind the design process of its new concept-car, the C-X17 – Jaguar’s first sports crossover vehicle. The actual design of the car had to be kept secret until the prototype’s unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show – the biggest motor show in the world. The car was to be unveiled to the public immediately after the screening of the film!

We thought long and hard about how best to thrill, educate, prepare, and engage an audience for the C-X17’s launch, all whilst not actually showing the vehicle itself. It’s a problem we hadn’t encountered before, but one we embraced with vigour and gusto! After several brainstorming sessions, the team decided the best solution would be to allude to the spirit of the car in a slightly more abstract manner, utilising the absolute essence of each storytelling tool. We started by creating a set of visual rules for the film: Jaguar’s design process would be denoted by free flowing lines inspired by the designers initial sketches, and then the complex engineering would be represented by the triangles and the golden ratio.

The movement of both the line and the accompanying ‘camera’ were inspired by the directorial approach of motor sport, using similar angles and dynamic moves. In turn, the sound design creates an atmosphere that helps ground the film’s abstract nature into reality, whether it be a winding country road or a fast-pace race track.

It helps you understand that this isn’t just a line on a paper, but a car in the real world. Having researched what kind of music a Jaguar audience listens to, we composed a piece of music inspired by Philip Glass; a classical piano approach with a very modern composition, which helped create the grandeur of the occasion. The final tool in the box was our voice over, and we went straight to the top. The narrator was no other than Ian Callum, Jaguar’s famed design director himself, coaxed into the studio and directed by Rok. Ian’s passion and belief in Jaguar made him the perfect choice for the audience. After all, who better to communicate with Jaguar customers than the very man who designs the cars they love. By using all our storytelling tools as mirrors pointing to the soul of the C-X17, we were able to illuminate the inner essence of the car – without giving away what it actually looked like. The film proved to be a real success. Jaguar, who had initially only intended it’s use for the Frankfurt Motor Show, were so happy with the result, that they rolled the film out to showrooms across the world.

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Director: Rok Predin

Animation: Martin Oliver, Francisco Puerto Esteban, Layla Atkinson, Rok Predin, Will Jarvis

Art Workers: Jenny Jokela, Sarah Yan

Composer: Sebastijan Duh

Sound Design: Jake Roberts

Sound Mix: JM@Fonic

Compositing: Rok Predin

Producer: Richard Barnett

AnimationConcept: Trunk

Agency: FP Creative