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ICMM | Responsible Mine Closure

Trunk has been working with ICMM, creating a number of films that concentrate on particular aspects of the Council’s aims. This film directed by Trunk’s Layla Atkinson focuses on the rehabilitation of landscape once a mine has closed. The film uses a beautiful precise hand drawn style that brings to mind technical illustrations found in geology and mining books. Drawn in Adobe Animate and composited onto a textured paper, the animated illustrations show a clear correlation between how the landscape is now and how it could look if managed following ICMM guidelines.


The previous films  created for ICMM used a hand drawn style that mirrored drawings of minerals. We used paper that could be layered like strata then ripped to expose under layers mimicking the mining process. To ensure this film sat with the others  a similar hand drawn style was used but rather than ripping the paper it was folded. Each fold-over shows what the future landscape could be. This narrative was also reinforced by enriching the films soft grey monochrome palette with shades of green for the future landscape.

Rory Hunter @ Fonic created a wonderful sound-scape that perfectly matches Layla’s drawings. Nimmy March provided the voiceover, whilst Daniel Pemberton fresh from composing the music for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse provided a lively score that successfully bridges the various scenes.

This was a great and challenging project and wonderful to create a film for a global organisation that has such a positive affect on the mining industry. Without sounding grandiose it is very rare to be involved in a project that has, potentially planet wide impact.


Credits :-

Director:- Layla Atkinson

Animators:- Layla Atkinson, Rok Predin, Leslie Dart

Sound Design:- Rory Hunter @ Fonic

Composer:- Daniel Pemberton

Voice Over:- Nimmy March


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