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ICMM | Principles

ICMM, The International Council on Mining and Metals, is a council set up to help revolutionise sustainable mining and help deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They wanted help to get the message about their work out to a number of different audiences; the public, delegates at World Water Week , and potential new council members. In all we have made three films for ICMM and are currently working on a large set of interviews to form a basis of the 100 Voices project.

We spent a lot of time investigating, researching and understanding the mining sector, the role it plays in society, and the work of ICMM. The moment that it dawned on us, that every single object around us is either made from, or has been produced by machines made from metal, the world seemed to come into a little more focus. We the public have a voracious appetite for products that use a huge variety of different metals, including some that are incredibly rare, some that are dangerous to mine or upset the ecosystem, and others that are generally just very difficult to get hold of. But it’s these kinds of metals that are helping to drive our green battery operated revolution. The problem arises when you don’t know where these metals are coming from, and mines that are NOT signed up to follow ICMM’s rules, can wreak havoc in our communities and our landscapes, and yet nobody holds them to account

The main narrative thread for all the films that we’ve made for ICMM, is for our audience to look up, realise we are both part of the problem, as well as part of the solution, and that we should demand that like our cotton, our coffee, and our food, that our metal should also be responsibly and sustainably sourced.

ICMM | Leadership

ICMM | Water Week

Director: Rok Predin
Producer: Richard Barnett
Additional Illustration: Jock Mooney
Animation: Rok Predin, Layla Atkinson, Leslie Dart
Voice Over: Nimmy March
Composer: Sebastian Duh
Sound Design and Mix Chris Swain @ Fonic
Commissioner: Nic Benton
Client: International Council of Mining and Metals