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Featured Projects

ICMM | Performance Expectations

The International Council of Mining and Metals asked us to create a new series of films to illustrate each aspect of their ten performance expectations. These are the rules to which each member of the organisation has to adhere. These include considering mining’s impact on the environment, sustainability, workers rights, safety and community.

Environmental performance

Trunk’s Layla Atkinson and Peepshow Collective’s Pete Mellor and Lucy Vigrass got together to design a new, modular, visual language for ICMM. This allows us to show how each aspect is composed of many smaller aspects and also part of a larger framework. The modular language also allows us to slot different combinations of imagery together.

Risk Management

It was a fun challenge to storyboard a complicated concept such as human rights and make it effective as a 12 second film. Once we had made animatics for each of the ten films, Lucy used her deceptively simple illustrative style and a limited palette to create each element.

Human Rights