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We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest bands in the world on some really special projects, but when we got an email from Sam Seager at Parlophone, just with a beautiful image and a line of text saying, ‘what could you do with this?’ We were intrigued to say the least! It turned into a number of projects that we made for Coldplay, see the story below.

We went back with some early ideas, and he finally let on that it was a project for Coldplay and a secret album launch they were planning. They wanted to create a filmic experience to go with a full 43 minute stream they were planning with i-tunes. The launch would only be promoted to their fans on twitter and facebook, and then they’d let it grow, but only for 10 days, then it would be gone forever.

The mystery image turned out to be Mila Fürstová’s beautiful etching that was to be used for the Ghost Stories album cover. In order to navigate around the artwork, due to the size, we had to create a visual key, and then trace every single mark, creating layers for every element. The overall piece was a huge 7K allowing the team to totally bring every aspect of it to life.

We created a making of, Mila Fürstová gave her thoughts on what it’s like having your work brought to life.

See a full article at Digital Arts

We went on to create visuals for various performances on the tour, this one for iHeart Festival in Las Vegas

And another for BBC Music Awards which re-worked various elements to coincide with the performance.

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Direction- Alasdair + Jock
Production Company- Trunk Animation
Album artwork- Mila Fürstová
Artist- Coldplay
2D animation- Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, Zoe Matzko, Jeroen Jaspaert, Aaron Lampert, Valentina Delmiglio
3D animation- Layla Atkinson
Artworking- John Harmer, Valentina Delmiglio, Jock Mooney
Time lapse- Mo Hague
Compositing- Chris Sayer, Alasdair Brotherston
Line Producer- Pedro Lino
Producer- Richard Barnett
Label- Parlophone
Commissioner- Sam Seager/Parlophone
Data Upload- Chillibean