Here’s our latest  project, we worked with Brisbane agency George Patterson/Y&R to produce four commercials for Australian bank Suncorp. The brief was to create simple claymation styled animation in CGI.
3D wizard David Bruce modelled Layla’s character designs in 3D Max before taking them into Z-brush to create authentically clay-like flawed, pock marked, thumb printed models. Our old friend Luca Paulli then rigged the characters. Direction was by Layla Atkinson and animation was by Luca Paulli and Leslie Dart. We removed frames in post to give a slightly jerky feeling to the animation and also added a subtle lighting flicker. Final compositing was by Rok Predin, and the piece was finished with a lovely grade. Working with a client on the other side of the world initially seemed complicated but the whole job ran like clockwork and was a total pleasure from start to finish.