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Bacardi | Brand Marketing Way

When you‘re the world’s largest privately owned spirits company with over 200 brands to look after, you need to ensure your marketing teams think both far and wide.

We were asked to create a film for Bacardi to help inspire their creative teams  to write really inspiring  briefs for their agencies and suppliers.  The key being that creative, fun and interesting briefs, get creative, fun and interesting pitches.

We put forward both a simple, and yet massively complicated concept. Simple in terms of having a lovely script that literally just tells our audience to think big! And then massively complicated by illustrating those ideas using as many different moving image techniques that we could possibly fit in!

The film encompasses live action, pixilation, stop motion, 2D, 3D, archive footage, and then plays with a whole host of approaches. It was bonkers. But such a lovely opportunity to work with so many talented people on so many different techniques. Here’s a lovely shot we planned of a steaming tea pot

It’s quite a hallowed little position as a producer to tell potential clients the kind of briefs you would like to see. The word ‘any’ comes to mind!