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On 13, Sep 2010 | Buy generic augmentin online | In Flagyl buy canada | By Layla

Here’s a new piece we’ve just finished in the Studio with Trunk Director Rok Predin. The piece is for SAZAS the Slovenian Musicians Union, SUGU, and DSS (Slovenian Union of Classic Composers) and is for a new campaign raising awareness of a new law that will drastically affect Slovenian musician’s rights. The piece runs with the tag line; ‘Without a Slovenian Song, there is no Slovenian Identity’ and reinforces the idea that countries are defined by their music. As we were working for musicians, we couldn’t let them down, and Ivor Novello winner Buy valacyclovir performed and recorded famous national anthems from all over europe, including Scotland, France, Austria and Croatia. We then worked with the guys at Fonic on the sound design and bringing all the musical elements in the final mix together. Everything was animated and composited in house before we did the final output over with our good friends at Buy prednisone 20mg tablets.

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On 12, Sep 2010 | Generic of maxalt | In Dexamethason dmso kaufen | By Richard

Director: Layla Atkinson
Illustrator: Layla Atkinson
Producer: Richard Barnett
Animation: Layla Atkinson and Jon Clarke
Compositing: Luca Paulli
Client: Nick Jnr

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Layla  has just finished work on five 3D idents for Channel One the newly launched TV channel. Red Bee Media set us the brief to create an animated sequence with the animation being created by red thread. It needed to be fluid and dynamic with the red thread travelling through and creating four different environments, each environment representing a strand of programmes broadcast on the channel, medical drama, sci-fi etc.  First we created a detailed animatic in 2D then our amazing animators Darragh Mason and Steven Lall took this into 3D. The compositor Rok Predin linked each sequence seamlessly together. It was a tough one with l-o-o-o-n-g hours but it was all worth the effort.

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New Website

On 26, Jul 2010 | Cymbalta australia price | In Cialis pill dosage | By Layla

Below is a link to trunk directing duo Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney’s new website

Take a look, it’s a visual feast. Also, keep your eyes peeled for their new project which will be available soon…

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On 20, Jul 2010 | Cialis generico italia prezzo | In Nolvadex price usa | By Layla

[media id=265 width=512 height=288]
Here’s “The First King” it was made here at Trunk by our good friend Pedro Lino.
It tells the life story of the first ever king of Portugal, it was made for the Alberto Sampaio Museum in Guimaraes

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