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Here’s the original file for the “It Must Be Love” projection. This was directed by Aladsair Brotherston and Jock Mooney. The producer was Richard Barnett. Commissioned by Sam Pattinson at Treatment

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Here’s the original file for the “Our House” projection. This was directed by Rok Predin and Layla Atkinson with additional illustration by Sara Savelj. The producer was Richard Barnett. Commissioned by Sam Pattinson at Treatment

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Here’s a new title sequence we made for the summer time special editions of the Cbeebies programme Show Me Show Me. It was directed by Layla Atkinson with design by Siri Melchior. We also made a few other bits and bobs which appear throughout the show.

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Look at the utterly pathetic state of our window box this year after last year’s tomato-fest. I’m blaming the english summer time. Have we still got time to plant something this year?

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Here is another lovely piece of work by Trunk’s directing duo Sebas&Clim. The Brand Shop, an advertising agency based in Rome, commissioned the guys to create a story detailing the agencies marketing abilities. They wanted to represent these skills in a friendly and relatable way.

Sebas &Clim decided to represent the agency as a pâtissière with the client as a cupcake, which has lost market share. The cupcake has a discussion with the pâtissière who distils their ideas and continuing with the baking metaphor cooks up a successful campaign. Using the baking theme throughout enables The Brand Shops marketing concept to be clearly communicated with out being dry or stuffy. A pastel palette and wonderful sound design by Flow Audio echoes the friendly feel of the short.

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Hooray! Richard did the Dunwich Dynamo in a cool 10 hours, had a kip on the beach, got the bus home then went for a roast dinner…..and a curry. Well done old chapdd

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Our intrepid producer Richard Barnett will be riding in this year’s Dunwich Dynamo tomorrow evening. It’s a mammoth 120 mile bike ride from East London out to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast starting at 8 o clock in the evening and riding overnight to arrive at the coast at dawn. Best of luck Richie. Ride like the wind (and eat plenty of bananas)


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On 14, Jun 2012 | Accutane venta online | In Diflucan 200 mg cost, news / blog | By Layla

Our directing duo Sebas&Clim has just created four beautiful shorts for Telecom Italia Group.
Each short followed the agency’s brief of communicating each one of ‘TI Sparkles’, the international division of Italia Telecom, key strengths such as reliability and connectivity in an emotional way. Sebas & Clim’s resulting shorts answer the brief perfectly. Using a fresh pallete and simple friendly forms the animations communicate the companies strengths in a charming and joyful manner. In each one a cute ball representing the caller is helped by ‘TI Sparkles’ wires to negotiate a challenging landscape. A delightful soundtrack by Flow Audio perfectly synchronized to the animations carries the viewer along on each journey. The shorts bring to mind a previous work by Sebas& Clim called ‘Tiny Story’ and anyone who has seen that is going to love these four new shorts.
The animations will be shown during Italia Telecom’s international conference in Chicago before appearing on their website and multiple social media channels.

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