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Animators: Nick Brooks, Alex Potts, James Turzynski, Harry Slinger-Thompson, Philip Askins, Simona Ciraolo
Illustrator: Spencer Wilson
Music: Adem Ihlan
Mix: Fonic
Directors: Pete Mellor, Layla Atkinson
Line Producer: Pedro Lino
Exec Producer: Richard Barnett

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On 05, May 2015 | In Buy viagra 25mg online | By Pip

Trunk and Peepshow Collective director Pete Mellor has created a fantastic educational film for Saudi children. Peepshow were approached by The Edge Picture Company to produce an animation for KCA London and their client the Mishkat Interactive Centre for Atomic and Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia.

The film is aimed at 6 to 10 year olds and tells the story of Joule, an adorable robot trying to power his ship and rejoin his lost fleet. He is assisted in his search by a friendly alien who shows him that there are alternative energy sources available such as solar, wind and nuclear power. With nods to great sci-fi classics such as WALL-E, Avatar and Star Wars the short is full of humour, tension and jeopardy as Joule completes his quest.

Nick Canner, creative director at The Edge, wrote the film’s initial story line. This was fleshed out during the production process with the help of the guys at Peepshow who worked out more of the narrative structure and flow to make a truly enjoyable film.

A fabulous child friendly palette is used throughout the short, which uses solid colours for the main characters, designed by Spencer Wilson, juxtaposed against textured backgrounds that are reminiscent of the illustrations in 1960’s books about space. These were created by Luke Best who, to obtain that particular look, created lots of hand painted, watercolour textures. Pete notes, “The design and colours within the film had to look as if they had come from an alien world. It was also important to the client that each landscape had a unique palette. It was interesting that Luke designed a whole forest of mushroom like trees which meant nothing to the Saudi client as mushrooms are not native to that part of the world.”

Working to a tight schedule the short was created using Cinema 4D and After Effects and is accompanied by a soaring and majestic score put together by Simon Keep from Holkham Sound Design studio using Audio Network’s huge library of orchestral tracks.

The finished film will be shown exclusively to visitors on the Centre’s hi-tech, 18 metre wide screen in Riyadh and, as there are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia, for some viewers this will be a unique and exciting experience.

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Credits: –
Animation / Compositing – Pete Mellor, Chris Sayer, Jason Arber
Illustration / Art Direction – Luke Best, Spencer Wilson, Miles Donovan / Peepshow Collective
Director – Pete Mellor / Peepshow Collective
Producer – Miles Donovan
Music Editing / Sound Design – Simon Keep / Holkham Sound Design
Client – The Edge Picture Company / KCA

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On 12, Feb 2015 | In Buy buspar uk | By Layla

Keep an eye out for the new series “How We Got To Now With Steven Johnson”. It starts on BBC2, this Saturday (14th) at 7.35pm. Our amazingly talented friends at Peepshow Collective created all the animated segments for the show. We’ve had a sneak peek and it looks great.


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On 02, Dec 2014 | In Buy viagra 25mg online | By Pip

Trunk animation director Pete Mellor directs another great commercial for The Car Buying Service.
After the success of the previous TV Spot for The Car Buying Service Leeds based agency Propaganda approached Trunk Animation to create a further commercial. Once again the super talented Pete Mellor teamed up with Peepshow’s superb illustrator Spencer Wilson to create the gorgeous new TV spot.
The 30-second short is full of humour and colour and presents a strong graphic style that is mirrored throughout the Car Buying Service brand. The new short sets out and promotes the differences between the Car Buying Service and other larger companies in this competitive field. The lovely Ade Edmondson looked after the voiceover and delivered a pitch perfect performance, allowing Pete to perfectly pace the visuals!
Producer Pedro Lino at Trunk noted “It was great to work with the original team at Propaganda and Trunk again. It ensured we were able to turn the commercial around pretty quickly without any sleepless nights, if only all clients were as easy!”
Composer Ivan Arnold once again created the score, whilst J.M Finch at Fonic looked after sound design and mix.

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Credits: –
Produced by Trunk Animation
Directed by Pete Mellor
Producer: Pedro Lino
Agency: Propaganda
Art Director: Ben Bateson @ Propaganda
Animation: Pete Mellor, Leslie Dart
Illustration: Spencer Wilson
Composer: Ivan Arnold
Sound Design & Mix: J.M Finch @ Fonic
Voice Over: Ade Edmondson
Client: The Car Buying Service

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On 16, Oct 2014 | In Viagra uk buy online | By Richard

Director: Pete Mellor
Producer: Pedro Lino
Illustration: Spencer Wilson (Peepshow)
Animation: Peter Mellor, Leslie Dart
Music: Ivan Arnold
Sound Design & Mix: J.M Finch @ Fonic
Art Director: Ben Bateson @ Propaganda
Voice Over: Ade Edmondson
Prod Co: Trunk
Agency: Propaganda
Client: The Car Buying Service

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By Layla

University College Hospital

On 24, Oct 2013 | In Generic medication for gabapentin | By Layla

Our friends at Peepshow have been very busy recently on this fabulous project. Working with Studio EMMI they’ve transformed the corridors of the children and young adults wards at University College Hospital in London. The nine-month project funded by UCLH Charity – run by Creative Directors Chrissie Macdonald and Emmi Salonen – has transformed clinical white walls with vibrant graphics and engaging images that provide a more welcoming environment.
While allowing the busy wards to continue functioning efficiently, the new design creates an uplifting space that aids recovery. ‘Play in hospitals can speed up the healing process; it makes the hospital feel familiar,’ says Maddalena Branduardi, Health Play specialist at University College Hospital.
She believes the changes will help with treatment. ‘Before, it was all grey and white, very clinical – an adult environment, not a child-focused one. Now it’s the most amazing playspace I’ve ever worked in. And play is the language of children, that’s how children communicate. That’s how they’ll talk to us, and they’ll start to trust us, so then we can talk them through the procedures.’

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On 28, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In news / blog | By Layla

Leeds based agency Propaganda approached us to create a TV commercial to mark the launch of their product.
We brought in the brilliant Pete Mellor to direct this 30 second spot. Filled with humour and energy this new spot is a master class in timing and pace. Spencer Wilson’s beautiful crisp illustrations worked with The Car Buying Service’s compact colour palette to help create a very clear and appealing film. Pete noted “It was great to work with Propaganda, helping them develop the initial story board and whilst it would have been very easy to over-complicate the animation by keeping it simple with a straight forward car journey it kept the message clear” The script was voiced by the brilliant Ade Edmondson, sounding nothing like Vivian from The Young Ones, a blessing for any company based on trust and fairness.
Composer Ivan Arnold created the perfect score while the sound design and mix was by J.M Finch at Fonic. Pedro Lino at Trunk Animation oversaw the whole production.

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