Montage of sadness

It’s our last day in Bermondsey Street today. Here are some things we will miss about this lovely place… all the coffee places, Daniel the wizard, Jose and the Shard, the White Cube, the greasy spoon, the ludicrously overpriced tat, the little park and the hustlin’ bustlin’ atmosphere.

montage of sadness Montage of sadness

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Earthworm Heart

It’s time for some more Alasdair+Jock magic. It’s “Earthworm Heart” their latest collaboration with The Tom Fun Orchestra. The idea for the short came from Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter, The Story Of The Wild Huntsman. Alasdair explains, “rather than the traditional reversal of fortunes story we wanted to create a narrative that was more complex and less clear cut as to who was the hero or villain.”

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Movin’ on up

Trunk is moving! After almost five years on lovely Bermondsey Street we are re-locating. We are gutted to be leaving this great area but the tide of re-development has caught up with us. However, we are VERY excited about our new home and have some big plans for the new place. Proper photos coming soon.floor plan Movin on up

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Mila Furstova on Bermondsey Street

We’re very excited to be going to the opening of Mila Furstova’s exhibition at the Eames Gallery this evening. We are already very familiar with Mila’s work after we animated one of her etchings for the Coldplay project earlier this year.
For more info click here

mila furstova bird Mila Furstova on Bermondsey Street

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Cock and Balls

If you’re in the mood for a delicious buffet of animation styles then tune in to A Liar’s Autobiography tomorrow night at 10 on BBC4. We did a section of the film along with 13 other animation studios. We recommend listening to the audio description version for the visually impaired. Those people are THOROUGH, they called us up to ask which film inspired the “giant cock and balls” photo in our Ibiza montage section.
Graham Profile 1920 Cock and Balls

more info here

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Rok Predin | One of a Kind

Here it is folks! Rok Predin’s new film “One of a Kind”. This is the culmination of many many months of hard work and it’s definitely been worth all the effort. We hope you like it, we love it….and just try getting that tune out of your head.

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film voice-over shenanigans

Layla’s film is well under way. We had a fantastic voice-over session this morning with one of our favourite actors….but who lurks behind that mask? Keep your eyes peeled for more news soon!

layla atkinson film voice over 375x500 film voice over shenanigans

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