How We Got To Now

Keep an eye out for the new series “How We Got To Now With Steven Johnson”. It starts on BBC2, this Saturday (14th) at 7.35pm. Our amazingly talented friends at Peepshow Collective created all the animated segments for the show. We’ve had a sneak peek and it looks great.


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IMO Shipshape

Here’s a lovely treat for a Thursday morning. It’s Alasdair+Jock’s new piece for the International Maritime Organisation. Voiced by the lovely Joanna Scanlan it explains the work of the IMO to children.

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The Sound of Song Promos for BBC4

Just before Christmas Layla made these two promos for the forthcoming BBC4 series The Sound Of Song. Commissioned by our old friends Red Bee Media we had to turn these around to a very tight schedule. The series explore the unknown stories behind popular songs and the common threads that run through contemporary music. The brief was to create animation with fluid movement to echo the flow of music. We are really please with how these two little films turned out.

The Sound Of Song | Louis Armstrong

The Sound Of Song | Chic

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It’s Terri Coverley!

Alasdair+Jock were thrilled to get to work with the amazing Joanna Scanlan in a voiceover session just before Christmas. We’re all huge fans of The Thick of It here in the studio, it’s where we’ve picked up most of our best swearing, so it was really exciting to meet her. She did an excellent job and you’ll be able to see the finished result before the end of January.

j scan Its Terri Coverley!

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Montage of sadness

It’s our last day in Bermondsey Street today. Here are some things we will miss about this lovely place… all the coffee places, Daniel the wizard, Jose and the Shard, the White Cube, the greasy spoon, the ludicrously overpriced tat, the little park and the hustlin’ bustlin’ atmosphere.

montage of sadness Montage of sadness

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Movin’ on up

Trunk is moving! After almost five years on lovely Bermondsey Street we are re-locating. We are gutted to be leaving this great area but the tide of re-development has caught up with us. However, we are VERY excited about our new home and have some big plans for the new place. Proper photos coming soon.floor plan Movin on up

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Mila Furstova on Bermondsey Street

We’re very excited to be going to the opening of Mila Furstova’s exhibition at the Eames Gallery this evening. We are already very familiar with Mila’s work after we animated one of her etchings for the Coldplay project earlier this year.
For more info click here

mila furstova bird Mila Furstova on Bermondsey Street

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