Rolling Stones | Wild Horses Lyric Video

Hooray! our new lyric for up-and-coming rock n roll band The Rolling Stones is out! It’s directed by the amazing Rok Predin with artwork by Layla. It’s the product of a frantic week’s work. Take a peek-

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Pit of filth

We pulled a weekender. The studio is a pit of utter filth. You should be able to see the fruits of our labours very soon…

muck 500x314 Pit of filth

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Great! We’re off to Pictoplasma

It’s been a great week for festival announcements at Trunk HQ! Our director’s Rok Predin and Alasdair + Jock film’s ‘One of a Kind’ and ‘Earthworm Heart’ both have been accepted into Pictoplasma 2015 in Berlin. We are very proud, congratulations boys!

festivals 500x145 Great! Were off to Pictoplasma

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Mark Barker collaboration

Layla’s recently been working with the artist Mark Barker on a creating an animated projection for his latest exhibition at Southard Reid in Soho. The aim was to create a simple, looped piece of animation that – on viewing – reveals many tiny details in the movement and character. The result is quite hypnotic. Last night was the private view and the show runs until the 11th of April.

hanging Mark Barker collaboration

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Our Slovenian maestro Rok Predin has been working with the guys at Minimart to create a lovely little animated pig for their new campaign. Rich spied one of their ads on the tube at the weekend….thrill!

landbay 500x429 Landbay

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Adamski feat. Seal

It’s been wildlife week here in the studio so far this week. Check out the black dot in the middle of this photo….it’s a seal! In the Thames! We spent yesterday lunchtime watching it lazily bobbing around. Stupid iPhone camera can’t quite capture it.

seal 500x337 Adamski feat. Seal

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How We Got To Now

Keep an eye out for the new series “How We Got To Now With Steven Johnson”. It starts on BBC2, this Saturday (14th) at 7.35pm. Our amazingly talented friends at Peepshow Collective created all the animated segments for the show. We’ve had a sneak peek and it looks great.


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IMO Shipshape

Here’s a lovely treat for a Thursday morning. It’s Alasdair+Jock’s new piece for the International Maritime Organisation. Voiced by the lovely Joanna Scanlan it explains the work of the IMO to children.

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