Zach Anner- Red Bull “We Are All Stories”

Layla directed the animation on this funny little film last year. It came about through our old friend Justin Weyers of Made Visual Studios and is a tall tale full of horror, tension and comedy bears. Take a look if you’ve got 5 mins…/AP-1M5CEMV992111:episode/zach-anner

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Guns of Brixton

Phew! After THREE days we’ve almost finished unpacking the new studio. Also, thanks to the limitless depths of ineptitude the BT posess we DO NOT HAVE THE INTERNET. What with cutting off our phone and Internet for a week last month and now messing up installation at our new place I can only imagine that BT are actively trying to close us down. There are no words to describe their utter utter lack of capability, their arrogance and their adamant “computer says no” policy.

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Steve Mason- Alive

Here’s our wonderful Rok Predin’s video for Steve Mason’s new single “Alive”. Rok took Steve’s original idea and extrapolated it into an isometric universe.

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Solomon Grey- Sweet 84

The music avalanche continues at the studio. Junior has just completed a wonderfully unsettling video for Solomon Grey. See if you can find the cameo role played by our very own Richard “Cap’n Barnacles” Barnett

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Benjamin Scheuer- Weather The Storm

Hooray! We are delighted to be able to show you the tear-jerking result of months of work, piles of animators and one very talented director, Peter Baynton. We worked with Peter all last summer producing this beautiful music video for Benjamin Scheuer’s latest track “Weather The Storm”. This has already won a British Animation Award and hopefully there will be more to come. A big thank you to everyone involved.

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Benjamin Scheuer’s “Weather the Storm” video.

Trunk animation and Radish pictures team up for songwriter Benjamin Scheuer’s award winning “Weather the Storm” video.

Award-winning film director Peter Baynton has been working at Trunk animation creating a video for Benjamin Scheuer’s song “Weather the Storm”. The track is from Scheuer’s highly acclaimed theatre show The Lion, an autobiographical one-man musical that has won numerous awards including Best New Musical at London’s Off-West End Awards and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance in New York. Scheuer is currently on tour with The Lion throughout the United States.

“Weather The Storm” appears on Scheuer’s forthcoming album Songs from The Lion (out, June 3 via Warner/ADA).

The video for “Weather The Storm” follows Dickie, a recent widower who has run out of toothpaste, on his quest for self-reliance. Baynton says of the work, “the song contains a theme and a message that is universal. Initially we thought we’d tell the story through three very different characters, but during the months of storyboarding Benjamin and I fell in love with the personality embodied in Dickie, the old fellow who is now our hero”.

Using watercolours to produce cubist forms with Lowry inspired elements the finished video is beautiful in both heart and design. The team at Trunk used TV Paint for the drawn character animation, which was the only digitally created element in the video, and After Effects for compositing. The animation from storyboard to completion took only nine months. This time frame was not helped when one of Peter’s watercolours blew out of a window at Trunk’s riverside studio and nearly ended up in the Thames. Thankfully, Trunk’s Producer Daniel Negret raced a rising tide to save the background.

“Weather The Storm” is the third video released by the team of Baynton and Scheuer.

Their animated video for the song “The Lion” premiered at the 2013 Annecy Festival, where it won the Jury Award for Commissioned Film; it has since won numerous awards, including the Public Choice Award at the 2014 British Animation Awards.

Their video for “Cookie-tin Banjo” won Best Music Video awards at the 2015 Encounters Short Film Festival and Flik! Amsterdam Animation Festival. It was also a finalist for Best Music Video at the 2016 British Animation Awards.

Trunk’s executive producer Richard Barnet notes, ”Working with Peter and Benjamin has been a wonderful experience. All of us at Trunk are delighted with this beautiful uplifting video that superbly interplays humour with pathos. The video is the first to be co-produced by Trunk Animation and Baynton’s own Radish Pictures and we know it will be as successful as Peter’s previous videos for Benjamin. Indeed it was premiered at the 2016 British Animation Awards, where it has already won Public Choice for Best Music Video ”.


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Director: Peter Baynton

Producer: Daniel Negret

Executive Producer: Richard Barnett & Benjamin Scheuer

Production Company Radish Pictures & Trunk animation

2D Lead Character Animators: Peter Baynton, Alex Potts, Ismael Sanz Pea, Teddy Hall, Reg Isaac

Inbetweens, artworking and background characters: Rachel Calinan, Claudia Chircop, Théo Gremillet, Emily Knight, Clélia Leroux.

Backgrounds and design: Pter Baynton

Compositing: Philip Davies, Rok Predin

Audio Post Production: Fonic

Sound Editor: Marty O”Brien

Sound Design and Mix: Barnaby Templer

Words and music by Benjamin Scheuer

Guitar and vocals by Benjamin Scheuer

Bass by Chris Morrissey

Drums by Josh Dion

Additional vocals by Jean Rohe

Audio engineering by Pat Dillett and Chris Allen

Audio mixing by Kevin Killen

Audio mastering by Greg Caibi

Song produced by Geoff Kraly

From the album “Songs from The Lion by Benjamin Scheue

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Happy Christmas

We’d like to wish everyone a happy and cake-filled Christmas. Here’s to a fun and interesting 2016!


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Kylie | Only You | lyric video

Trunk Animation’s director Layla has created a beautiful lyric video for Kylie Minogue’s new cover of Yazoo’s chart topping hit ‘Only You’. The new classical arrangement is a duet with The Late Late Show host James Corden.

The brief asked for a simple and elegant video to mirror Kylie’s new arrangement. Trunk’s Layla poured through a mountain of source material before coming across a single image that for her captured the spirit of the song.

Previously Trunk’s lyric videos for the likes of the Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, and Lilly Allen have concentrated on the text being king. However for this song Layla felt a more pared back look was needed.  Using After Effects she concentrated on animating two simple star elements that represented Kylie and James. Their journey and pace perfectly conveyed the relationship of the two performers captured in the duet. A simple typeface kept the focus of the video on the interaction of the elements with the text, rather than solely on the text.

The festive message was perfectly captured using a traditional Christmas palette with simple snowflake and star elements. Layla notes, “ I was thrilled to get the chance to work with Kylie. Once I had decided on the look and feel of the video I thought it would be a simple and straightforward process. However, we spent a long time trying to find a way to smoothly animate the star, its trail and the gap between them. After a morning of tests we found that using a concoction of particle emitters, masks and splines achieved the perfect look, and then it was just down to getting the timing right. I have to say that while it can be frustrating, the sense of achievement when you find a way to make something work rather than abandon the effect you want is wonderful. ”

The finished festive video happily joins Trunks growing portfolio of lyric and music videos for the likes of Blur, Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Take That and Elton John. Exec Richard Barnett notes ”Creating this video just before Christmas has put all of us at Trunk in a festive mood and caps a very busy and fulfilling year”

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Floating Points | Silhouettes | About

Trunk’s director Junior Martínez animates light

Trunk’s director Junior Martínez and Pablo Barquín have created a stunning and mesmerising video for Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd. The music in the video is taken from ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’, an eleven-minute overture that is also the second track on Floating Point’s forthcoming debut album. Elaenia (out via Pluto in the UK and Luaka Bop in the US on 6th November).
The video came about when Sam Shepherd saw the amazing light rig Pablo had built at Hamill Industries in Barcelona. The motion rig converts digital 3D data into analog movement to control the path of an LED resulting in ethereal 3D light images. Mixing in camera effects with digital precision has always fascinated Pablo. He states that “the hardware wasn’t complicated and took us around 3 weeks to develop and build, but the software took a bit longer, almost a month. The hardest part was developing the right combination of hardware, software, electronics, cameras, lighting etc and getting them all to communicate perfectly. “
Sam noted “Junior, Pablo and I have all been friends for a long time, and I was always hanging around the studio in Barcelona, When he [Barquín] invented a light painting machine, the idea to do a music video came about very quickly”.

The video was shot in a purpose built landscape within Barquín’s studio as well as on location in Rio Tinto. This corner of the Spanish and Portuguese border is deemed the closest thing to Mars on Earth and perfectly portrays the sense of space suggested by the music.
The location also led to a lot of challenges Pablo notes “Shooting in Río Tinto was really hard, as we had only 5 nights and a lot of material to shoot. It was the first time we used this machine for a shoot so it was kind of hard to make a shooting plan with the right timings. Sometimes an animation of 70 frames could take a whole night to get done. We learnt on the fly how to be more efficient. It was a huge effort: we crossed the entire Country! Sometimes we even had to choose a location in total darkness in the middle of a mine!”

Junior observed that the tough working conditions helped the shoot in ways that were unexpected “During one of the first shoots in Rio Tinto at 5am in the morning a big scary mist came down and we thought, because it was time-lapse, taking 5 min for each frame, that it would look weird. Yet it was the opposite, it was amazing, so we added loads of smoke when we filmed in the studio to recreate the look of that amazing shot. It generated a natural glow, ambient, creating a mysterious background like E.T. “

The dazzling and compelling video is accompanied by a ‘making of film’ that shows the lengths that Junior and the guys went to to finish the video. And as noted by Richard at Trunk “ It’s always such a pleasure when Junior sends us projects he’s working on, we have a really close relationship so it’s great to see the progression, you always know you are going to be in for a visual treat!”

Directors: Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez
Creative Team: Pablo Barquín, Anna Diaz Ortuño, Nathan Grimes, Junior Martínez
Executive Producers: H.I. (Hamill Industries) & Floating Points
Lead Producer: Anna Diaz Ortuño
Director of Photography: Nathan Grimes
Research & Technical Development: Pablo Barquín, H.I.
H.I. Technical Assistant: Joan Recasens
Editor: Anna Diaz Ortuño
Lead Animators: Fernando Domínguez, Wyz Borrero
Animators: Ohmyhood Luis “Inkclear” Redondo
Concept Artists: Junior Martínez , Michele Angelo
Plants Set Decorators: Estudio Sauvage
Post-production Team: Agus Verrastro, Florent Bastide
Production Assistants: Aida Busquets, Lidia Arruego
Digital Intermediate provided by RCO
RCO Colorist: Seth Ricart
RCO Producer: Marcus Lansdell
Special thanks to:
Fundación Rio Tinto, Ivan Rodriguez, 380 Monta Llum i Roda, Rab and Tanya Gordon, Chabeli Rodriguez, Marga Sardà, Alba Barneda, DVEIN, Agus Verrastro, Pamplona89, RCO, Laura Martinova, Pablo Hugo, Melissa, Saúl Narbona, Irina, Javo, Elsa Tejera, Jacinto Barquín, Marc Luelmo, Tinta, Cynthia, Sarah, Mita, Eric and specially to Sam for believing in this project since the very beginning.
Shot in Río Tinto, Huelva & Hamill Industries Headquarters
Barcelona, 2015

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